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School-Business Partnership Sponsors Web Design Training with FrontPage

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Here's some of our latest "students" of web design. 
Instructor and site webmaster: Peter Pappas
Let us help you showcase your STW project on-line. 

Next session is being offered on January 8th. Software and lunch provided. 
To register: call Kathy Heffron at 383-2257 or by email:
There will be more sessions added as need dictates

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"First Lady" Visits Rochester

Mrs. Clinton with Monroe County School-Business Partnership, Director: Kathy Heffron

First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s listening-tour stopped in Rochester recently to focus on local school-to-work initiatives. Among the 50 invited guests were Kathy Heffron, Monroe County School-Business Partnership Coordinator and Stuart Weiss, Assistant Superintendent, Monroe #1 BOCES.

 Talk centered on collaborations between business and education, specifically internship, apprenticeship, and job shadowing programs. Mrs. Clinton praised the success of these programs and the community’s response to student career interest.


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